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Welcome to the website of the Tennessee Association for HealthCare Quality (TAHQ).  TAHQ is a professional organization dedicated to advancing health care quality throughout our state and nation.
TAHQ provides numerous benefits including state-wide and regional educational opportunities. TAHQ sponsors an annual educational conference each fall in collaboration with the Tennessee Hospital Association, featuring nationally recognized speakers.The conference agenda is always thoughtfully designed to attack pertinent, cutting-edge, and practical issues facing healthcare quality professionals.

TAHQ Annual Education was a Great Success!

October 1 and 2 were exciting days for those attending the 2015 TAHQ Annual Conference.  A total of 27 people attended anywhere from 1 to 10 breakout sessions offered by TAHQ during the Annual THA meeting.  A total of 175 Continuing Education units were awarded to attendees.  For the first time TAHQ offered a virtual conference experience at a discounted rate and 5 attendees participated in all 10 sessions virtually.  All of the virtual participants responded to the survey and indicated they would participate in similar virtual opportunities in the future.

Surveys were sent out to 21 participants and an astonishing 17 respondents provided feedback on the sessions – a response rate over 80%!!  Except for 2 sessions, 100% of the respondents agreed that the goals of the sessions met their goals with the speakers identified as effective and engaging.  Participants reported that 80% of the information presented could be applied to their current practice area.

Positive comments included:

·         This year’s content was extremely good

·         Great content, very relevant to practice and issues facing providers and hospitals today

·         Excellent, current and relevant information

·         All the speakers were very knowledgeable and presented well

·         All the speakers were very knowledgeable and presented well

·         Overall great speakers and conference

·         Excellent cadre of speakers

Some suggestions for next year:

·         Need more breaks between presentations and more refreshments

·         Consider WebEx rather than just phone access

·         Enhanced technology would be helpful in the future – occasionally difficult to hear the presentation virtually – yet this opportunity was greatly appreciated

·         More on Risk Management

·         More on TennCare evolution of payment platform

·         Continue focus on new and innovative programs and technology

The TAHQ Annual business meeting was attended by 15 people either live or virtually.  Attendees learned about the current status of TAHQ and elected Amy Coulson as President Elect.


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TAHQ’s formal affiliation with the National Association for Health Care Quality (NAHQ) and the Tennessee Hospital Association (THA) bring additional value to members through a broad range of special services.

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