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Welcome to the website of the Tennessee Association for HealthCare Quality (TAHQ).  TAHQ is a professional organization dedicated to advancing health care quality throughout our state and nation.
TAHQ provides numerous benefits including state-wide and regional educational opportunities. TAHQ sponsors an annual educational conference each fall in collaboration with the Tennessee Hospital Association, featuring nationally recognized speakers.The conference agenda is always thoughtfully designed to attack pertinent, cutting-edge, and practical issues facing healthcare quality professionals.


  • THA/TCPS Regional Meetings and TAHQ hospital networking!- August 2014 Read More/ Register!      

  • TAHQ Welcomes NAHQ 39th Annual Educational Conference

    September 7-10, 2014 at the Music City Convention Center!   NAHQ

  • 2014 TAHQ conference is kind of just around the corner on November 5th-7th and promises outstanding education!  Read More
    Check out Lori Weir’s
    Talent2Strength Workshop!

  • NSHC Coaches Clinic: October 2014 See Brochure



Hernando de Soto Bridge in Memphis

TAHQ’s formal affiliation with the National Association for Health Care Quality (NAHQ) and the Tennessee Hospital Association (THA) bring additional value to members through a broad range of special services.

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